07/31/2013 - 08:48
Romania has entered the European Union on January 1st 2007. However, to this day has not joined the Schengen Area, for entering this zone of free internal circulation requires both the unanimous vote of the old members, and the fulfillment of technical requirements. Why has Romania cumulated such a delay?
Fulfilling requirements is not enough, external support is necessary
Fulfilling requirements internally is necessary before accession

04/27/2013 - 10:15
The change of statute of the Romanian Cultural Institute was announced in August 2012 and still sparks intense debates in the media. Will the Institute be able to remain independent politically speaking, or will the Institute’s work on promotion of the Romanian culture be influenced by the new majority?
Changing the culture: Problems Related to the Administration of the Romanian Cultural Institute
Controversial Mutations

11/08/2012 - 18:10
After the downfall of Mihai Razvan Ungureaunu’s government scandals came to light on almost a daily basis, slowing the country’s progress toward prosperity and economic growth. Was the former liberal government’s austerity programme responsible for these events? Is this an opportunity to reinvigorate Romania’s economy?
A new opportunity for the revitalisation of the Romanian economy
A new roadblock to Romania’s socio-economic advancement

08/10/2012 - 16:03
Popular discontent led to the attempted impeachment of President Traian Băsescu by referendum on 29 July 2012. Are there any objective reasons to declare that the Romanian President has failed in his duties? The results show a certain unpopularity for the saved President…
President Traian Băsescu Saved from Impeachment by the Romanians
The Attempted Impeachment of the President a Symptom of Tensions between the Head of State and his Government

07/02/2012 - 21:31
The past of the Royal House is veiled by the abdication of King Michael in 1947, which resulted in the installation of the communism the same year. Why should one not show respect to the Royal House just like in the past? Why should one refuse to accept the seriousness of the mistake made by the King in 1947?
Eyes on a royalist Romania
The return of the monarchy?