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Russian spy poisoning - Skripal case to redraw enemy lines?

The poisoning of former Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, stirred up much international controversy. Not only was the poisoning shocking because it occurred in the idyllic town of Salisbury, England, but also because a deadly nerve agent was used to carry out the attack. The British government accussed Russia of attempted murders, charges that Russian authorities vehemently deny.

Russia dons the cape of the Joker

10/01/2018 - 12:00
Historically, the left wing blamed the United States during the era of the Cold War, for most of the world's ills. The tables have turned however with the dawn of the 21st century, as it is clear now that Russia that dons the cape of the Joker.

The whole world has been anxiously watching the situation developing in the small British town of Salisbury. It was there that the two GRU (the military intelligence service of the Russian Federation) operatives have poisoned the Russian agent turned traitor Sergey Skripal and his, daughter Yulia. This act could be tarred, by some journalists, with- the usual cliché phrase as unprecedented if there hadn´t been such an occurrence before. I have in mind as an example the poisoning of Mr Litvinenko, by deadly polonium. It seems this is how the Russians do business. After all it was President Putin who chillingly stated: „Traitors will kick the bucket“.

From Russia with Poison

The Russian agent Sergey Skripal decided to turn coats on his former paymasters and ran to the UK to find a safe hiding place. He could have imagined what fate could await him, he must have known about his deceased colleague Litvinenko. But he probbably believed in the „almighty“ West to protect him from harm. He couldn´t be more mistaken. The Putin regime decided to employ the unique Novichock nerve agent to dispose of this „izmennik“. The GRU snuck two members, oh sorry, tourists, into his flat and they did their job as instructed. Mr. Skripal and his daughter were poisoned and until very recently remained in critical condition, though they eventually recovered. Mr Putin, quite demagogically, tried to use this as proof that Novichock was not used. He forgot to mention, however that Novichock finishes the job only if inhaled and Mr. Skripal was fortunate enough to only touch it (there were tests done on this matter with animals and they proved that it took almost 48 hours for livestock to finally perish if it came to contact with this nerve agent through its skin). Also Mr. Putin would also have to explain to us further the peculiar reactions offered by his „diplomatic“staff. They first blamed countries such as Sweden, the Czech Republic and Slovakia for manufacturing of the wretched chemical. When this did not work they put their tinfoil hats on and proclaimed that it was the British state that facilitated the attack to conjure up russophobia (I guess they did not watch the speech of Britain´s former Foreign Secretary Johnson who said: „The result of this should not be russophobia“). I don´t think I even need to pose this, rather theoretical, question, ladies and gentleman, comrades and friends, but does an innocent government behave in this way? We all know the answer. Now we even have factual evidence, the surveillance footage of Mr. Petrov and his colleague, who are, according to a Bellincat investigation, members of the GRU.

State Terror as the doctrine of the Putin Regime

Everybody might gasp in awe at this development, should it not be known that state terror has been the thinly veiled policy of the Christian-orthodox, pseudo-tsarist regime in Moscow. In 1999, the Russian internal security service (FSB- the main successor agency of the USSR‘s KGB) commanded by Putin allegedly put bombs in Russian apartment blocks, so that they could blame the Chechen militants for the imminent explosion and trigger the infamous Second Chechen War (this is the sort of inside job no truther would even whisper about). In 2002, when a group of Chechens seized a Moscow theatre, the Special Forces (also under the jurisdiction of Vladimir Vladimirovich, since at the time he was the President) threw unindentifed gas pellets into the room where the hostages were being held, killing 200 innocent people. The journalist who investigated the mater, Anna Politkovska, was murdered. In 2004, during the deadly Beslan school siege, Russian Spetznatz had the great idea of barging into the school´s gym with a flamethrower, killing many innocent people in the process. According to Alexander Litvinenko two of the Chechen militants had connections to the Russian intelligence services and many of them were released from prison just months before the operation. It really doesn´t take an Alex Jones to smell something fishy in this whole matter. Boris Nemstvov, a fierce critic of Putin and the Russian government, was gunned down before the Kremlin building in front of the eyes of his girlfriend, who testified that the men who did this had to be professionals because she „didn´t even notice“ that her faithful was dead before the car (from which the attacker shot him) had driven away. The list could of course go on: I could mention the destruction of Syria with the help of President Assad under the pretext of fighting terrorists (translation: people who oppose Assad) but I think these few examples prove my point. Historically, the left wing blamed the United States during the era of the Cold War, for most of the world's ills. The tables have turned however with the dawn of the 21st century, as it is clear now that Russia that dons the cape of the Joker.


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